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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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UK Vapers Look for Higher Nicotine E-liquid

UK Vapers Look for Higher Nicotine E-liquid-PodVapes™ UK

Many members of the vaping community in the UK are not happy with the low nicotine limits forced upon them by EU legislation, and are looking for higher strength nicotine liquids.

We believe the restriction on e-liquid nicotine concentrations imposed within the UK and Europe severely limit the effectiveness of vaping as a smoking cessation tool. Many smokers, especially those with a heavy dependence on nicotine, find that the current nicotine strengths available are insufficient as a substitute to cigarettes.

Nicotine limits for e-cigarettes sold in the UK are legislated by the EU/UK Tobacco Products Directive. This specifies the maximum size for a vaping device liquid tank as 2mL, and the maximum nicotine strength to be 20mg/mL or 2%.

“This 2% strength of nicotine is usually sufficient to satisfy a casual or light smoker,” said Dominic Ball, the Customer Service manager at PodVapes™ UK. 

“A person who is at the latter stages of reducing their nicotine dependence will probably find that 2% nicotine solutions are sufficient, however it is not nearly enough to satisfy the cravings of a regular or heavy smoker who is looking to transition,” he explained.

“Quitting smoking and switching to vaping can make a huge difference to a person’s health in a short space of time and it’s vital that regular and heavy smokers have access to effective quitting options to improve the success rate and probability of them remaining smoke-free.”

Public Health England recently produced a report suggesting vaping was 95% less harmful than smoking, however at PodVapes™ we believe vaping’s success in weaning heavy smokers off cigarettes will be limited until legislation changes.

The UK vaping community looking for higher nicotine e-liquids are now turning to online shopping to purchase higher strength vaping liquids than are available in retail shops in the UK.

Higher strength liquids typically contain 2% to 5% nicotine, in the form of salt nicotine. Salt Nicotine is extracted from natural tobacco leaf, however, it is neutralized by a chemical (Benzoic Acid) that lowers the pH level of nicotine. It is smoother than regular pharmaceutical grade nicotine (freebase nicotine) and allows you to vape a much higher nicotine content without experiencing harshness. For this reason, Nicotine Salt is quickly evolving as the preferred choice for those looking to quit smoking.

Pax Labs, the innovator of the popular JUUL pod vape device, use nicotine salt as a means to make 50 mg nicotine palatable. Their goal was to mimic the action and sensation of smoking a tobacco cigarette and provide the ultimate tool to living smoke-free. Their success is now evident through the many millions of people now using their device and living smoke-free.

“Buying online has complexities and risks,” Dominic warned. “You need to be careful about who you choose to shop with and to make sure you know exactly what your vaping. 

“A quick browse through just one of the thousands of online vaping stores will reveal a plethora of e-liquids, mods, tanks, replacement parts and flavourings. This is often enough to confuse and deter even the most astute online shoppers. 

“At PodVapes™, we recognized this and wanted to provide a simplified means for smokers to access stylish and simple products that have proven effectiveness in helping people quit.

“That’s why our devices and pre-filled pods are the ultimate choice for those new to vaping. We are able to deliver higher strength vaping products direct to customers in the UK in a quick and efficient manner from our Canadian warehouse.

“Heavy tobacco smokers carry the biggest risk of falling victim to respiratory diseases and we need good legislation that is effective to encourage and support them to quit. We support the UK government in its push to promote vaping as the key to successful smoking cessation and to better the health of the millions of British smokers out there.
UK Vapers Look for Higher Nicotine E-liquid-PodVapes™ UK
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